About Us

Growing In Faith Through Service

The Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps provides education to underserved communities in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers. Basilian Volunteer Teachers give direct service to the poor and marginalized by working as tutors, classroom teachers and campus ministers in some of the most needy neighborhoods in North America. Recently, we are extending our volunteering to the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

These hardworking, energetic and dedicated BVTs bring hope to their students while at the same time gaining valuable skills, friendships and professional development. During their service, BVTs grow through their experience of Gospel-based community life, inner-city teaching, and a resource for those in stressed/challenged communities.

The current BVT volunteer sites are in Detroit’s Mexicantown neighborhood and on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. The role of the BVT community in Detroit’s Mexicantown neighborhood is to respond to the educational needs at Detroit Cristo Rey High School, Holy Redeemer Elementary School and Southwest Solutions, a community organization. The services of the BVT community on the Caribbean island of Montserrat include teaching instruction and educational services in a pre-school, primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary schools. The BVTs live together in a caring community of persons who are to be viewed as accessible¬†and of service within the local area. Their residence is located in close proximity to their volunteer placement. Current volunteer sites are in Detroit’s Mexicantown neighborhood and on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Volunteers are provided with a small stipend and health insurance to support them during their time of service. They live a communal life sharing cooking and house chores. The BVTs are visited weekly by the members of the Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps Committee, who offer spiritual and emotional and professional support. Volunteers also engage in monthly outings with their brother and sister volunteers in order to deepen their bonds of service and community.