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The program is open to single women and men, College graduates ages 21 and older, with a passion to serve the urban poor through teaching. Teaching certification is not required, but is helpful for many of the placements. Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps is ecumenical but BVTs should be comfortable living and working in a Catholic environment and embracing Catholic social teaching.

Financial Arrangement:
Volunteers are provided with housing, food, a small stipend, and health insurance to support them during their time of service.

Living Arrangements:
BVTs live a communal life sharing cooking and house chores. They are visited weekly by the members of the Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps Committee, who offer spiritual, emotional, and professional support. Volunteers also engage in monthly outings with their brother and sister volunteers in order to deepen their bonds of service and community

The program begins with a two week orientation on: communal living and shared reflection; the neighborhood in which they live and work; pedagogy and spirituality for teaching those who live on the periphery of society; the Basilian Fathers; and the other volunteers. BVTs partake in a fall, winter, and spring retreat.