The most recent Basilian Volunteer Teaching Corps (BVTC) project serves the people of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat in the British West Indies. Montserrat is a small Caribbean island that is presently not a site visited by tourist cruise ships. The current population are descendants of English, Irish (indentured labourers), and West African (former slaves) who have recently been traumatized; first, by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and six years later by a series of Volcanic eruptions which devastated the southern half of the island including the capital city of Plymouth, its port and airport. Two thirds of the population evacuated to the UK.

Our commitment in Montserrat is an opportunity to answer Pope Francis’ call to, “Go to the periphery.” The BVTC serves the educational needs of young Montserratians in a small country that struggles to recover from life-changing events that have crippled the local economy which was most recently based on exports of sugar, rum and cotton. The UK supplies the bulk of Montserrat’s governmental budget today.

The BVTC Project Local Coordinator is Father Mark Schramm, a Divine Word missionary, pastor, and experienced mentor with cross-cultural competence. Spiritual growth and active justice oriented service are essential elements of the program. There is ample opportunity to connect with the people of Montserrat, especially with an ecumenical cohort of BVTC volunteers who are justice-oriented, active young persons.

The BVTC volunteers live together in a house owned by St. Patrick’s Parish that is situated near the St. Augustine Primary School. There are opportunities to volunteer at St. Augustine Primary School as well as in the public schools at the primary, secondary, and community college levels. An early childhood centre has also requested our services. There is a need for teaching or assisting in core subjects, IT, the visual and performing arts, remediation, sports, library, and extra-curricular activities.

The Basilian Fathers cover the cost of the international travel, health insurance, and a shared vehicle. The parish and schools provide a monthly stipend for food, gas and personal needs.

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A commitment to building a more just and caring society through dedicated service to youth, seeking quality education as a priority in an economically devastated area.


Dedicated teachers activating a faith that promotes justice seeking to undo racism and discrimination to understand causes of poverty and working to transform systematic injustice in educational opportunities which are intended to be available to those in under serviced communities.



A year of spiritual growth with regular reflection, prayer and retreats, responding to Pope Francis’ call to “Go to the periphery” by making a preferential option for serving the educational needs of this small marginalized island in the Caribbean.




Living simply in community with other volunteers in solidarity with those they serve. Supported and mentored by women and men experienced in Caribbean culture and its local context.


Looking for talented and creative College graduates committed to building an effective learning environment that will engender well rounded life-long learning for students on the small developing Caribbean island of Montserrat.

Possible placements at all the island schools. Responsibilities may include teaching or assisting in core subjects, IT, sports, arts & crafts, remediation, library, extracurricular activities. Volunteers will be welcome at:


St. Augustine Roman Catholic Primary School Supported by the Catholic parish of Montserrat

Montserrat Ministry of Education Brades Primary School
Lookout Primary School


Montserrat Secondary School









Montserrat Community College


Aunt Madge’s Child Care
Early Childhood Centre